A Little Reminder


When the Master calls to order
And you look about the room
You're sure to see some faces
That from the shadows loom;

They are always at the meetings
And Stay ‘till they are through;
The ones that I would mention
Are the Always Faithful Few

They fill the vacant offices
As they are always on the spot,
No matter what the weather
Though it may be awful hot.

It may be dark and rainy,
But they are tried and true;
The ones that you rely on
Are the Always Faithful Few.

There are may worthy members
Who will come when in the mood,
When everything's convenient
They can do the Craft much good;

They have knelt around our altar
And are necessary, too;
But the ones who never fail us
Are the Always Faithful Few.

If it were not for these Brothers
Who put their shoulders to the wheel,
And keep our Lodges moving forward
So their light they may reveal,

The Craft could never flourish,
Its work it could not do,
It would shrink and slowly perish
But for these Faithful Few.

Author Unknown